3D Printing Service

Procedure of using the 3D printing services

1. Submit details of model you want to print, for a preliminary valuation
  • Send the file with the file extrnsion STL, OBJ, 3MF via Email : service@printmydesign.net and inform the materials you want to print
  • If don’t have the file, you can send picture and details to estimate the 3D design price
  • 3D Scan, send an image with dimensions for every aspect of that object to bring information to preliminary valuation

2. Check and Design 3D model
  • The company will check the completeness of 3D file from customer
  • make 3D designs based on 2D drawings and details as sent by customer
  • Customer send the model to be scanned to inspect the model before scanning

3. Produce model according to the details received
  • Start production follow by the designs and details that customer informed. The company will inform about the estimated delivery time and cut support to complete the model before delivery to customer

4. Deliver
  • The company will send picture of the model to customer first, to recheck the completeness before delivery
  • Have express Messenger delivery service available in Bangkok
  • Have express parcel delivery service, you will receive the model within 2-3 days
  • Com to the company by yourself at the “PrintMyDesign