ABS Filament

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) : is widely used in industry. It has properties that are suitable for use in mechanical work, because it reduces the problem of deformation of the model and increases the adhesion of the layer. Resistant to friction and can be molded into products in many ways as well

Suitable for:

  • Parts in short-term industrial
  • Engineering, Mechanical parts
  • Spare parts, Plastic components
  • House models, Buildings, Architecture and Sculptures

PrintMyDesign ABS

Color Chart
PMD ABS - white
PMD ABS - Nature
PMD ABS - Silver
PMD ABS - Grey
PMD ABS - Black
PMD ABS - Brown
PMD ABS - Gold
PMD ABS - Orange
PMD ABS Yellow
PMD ABS - Blue
PMD ABS - Purple
PMD ABS - Pink

Ultimaker ABS

Color Chart
Ultimaker ABS - blue
Ultimaker ABS - red
Ultimaker ABS - yellow
Ultimaker ABS - green
Ultimaker ABS - pearl gold
Ultimaker ABS - white
Ultimaker ABS - silver
Ultimaker ABS - gray

Zortrax Z-ABS

Color Chart
Zortrax Z-ABS - cool grey
Zortrax Z-ABS - orange
Zortrax Z-ABS - yellow
Zortrax Z-ABS android green
Zortrax Z-ABS - green
Zortrax Z-ABS - blue
Zortrax Z-ABS - pure white
Zortrax Z-ABS - warm grey

Zortrax Z-Ultrat

Color Chart
Zortrax z-ultrat - pastel blue
zortrax z-ultrat - blue
zortrax z-ultrat - pastel purple
zortrax z-ultrat - magenta
Zortrax Z-ultrat - pastel pink
Zortrax z-ultrat - brown
zortrax z-ultrat - cool grey
zortrax z-ultrat - pure black
zortrax z-ultrat - neon red
zortrax z-ultrat - neon orange
zortrax z-ultrat - yellow
zortrax z-ultrat - neon yellow
zortrax z-ultrat - pastel yellow
zortrax z-ultrat - green
zortrax z-ultrat - neon green
zortrax z-ultrat - pastel turquoise

Sample part of ABS filament