PLA Filaments

PLA (polylactic acid) : This is plastic filament that you can create model with excellent texture and detail and have good quality. Used to create high resolution models. Have many colors and can create overly complex model that come out great

Suitable for:

  • The model is not exposed to the sun, rain, and heat
  • Create house models, buildings, architecture, and sculptures
  • Industrial accessories
  • Jewelry model
  • Medical models including Education, Analyze and Research

PrintMyDesign PLA

Color Chart
PMD ABS - white
PMD ABS - Nature
PMD ABS - Silver
PMD ABS - Grey
PMD ABS - Black
PMD ABS - Brown
PMD ABS - Gold
PMD ABS - Orange
PMD ABS Yellow
PMD ABS - Blue
PMD ABS - Purple
PMD ABS - Pink

Ultimaker Tough PLA

Color Chart
Ultimaker T PLA - red
Ultimaker T PLA - yellow
Ultimaker T PLA - grey

Ultimaker PLA

Color Chart
Ultimaker PLA - transparent
Ultimaker PLA - blue
Ultimaker PLA - magenta
Ultimaker PLA - white
Ultimaker PLA - pearl white
Ultimaker PLA - red
Ultimaker PLA - orange

Zortrax Z-PLA

Color Chart
Zortrax Z-PLA - white
Zortrax Z-PLA - grey
Zortrax Z-PLA - graphite
Zortrax Z-PLA - yellow
Zortrax Z-PLA - green

Zortrax Z-PLA Pro

Color Chart
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - gypsum white
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - concrete grey
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - cool grey
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - pure black
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - brick
Zortrax Z-PLA pro - brick red

Spidermaker Matte

Color Chart
Spider PLA - coral red
Spider PLA - steel blue
Spider PLA - iron blue
spider pla - dark state grey
spider pla - mauve purple
spider pla - orchid purple
spider pla - clay
spider pla - paper white
spider pla - iron gray
spider pla - cool black
spider pla - sun orange
spider pla - fair skin
spider pla - chess yellow
spider pla - wasabi green
spider pla - emeral green
spider pla - peacock green
spider pla - army green

Sample part of PLA filament